The Affordable Care Act (ACA) increases the number of people covered by health insurance, while increasing benefits (link to essential benefits). These changes may give you access to new services at lower out-of-pocket costs, like copayments or coinsurance.

What this means to you:

For most members, there may not be a direct impact to your to coverage. However, there are some changes you may want to note:

  • Your existing health coverage may change due to these new standards. Some health plans offered today will no longer be available in 2014.
  • Extensive preventive care and wellness visits will be covered in full, without copayments or cost-sharing. See the list of preventive services
  • If you buy health insurance for yourself, your family or your small business, you can continue to buy directly from Horizon BCBSNJ or your broker. All our plans are improved to provide our customer with the plans to best meet their needs.
  • You may now be able to get help to pay for your health care coverage. You may be eligible for a subsidy and/or a tax credit.